Be the Evidence

Episode 65: Evaluating the Reactions to Detachment + Sun, Moon, Mercury in Aquarius

Episode Summary

Welcome to Be the Evidence! We are so grateful you are here! In this episode; we are exploring the detachment found in Aquarius energy. We talk about using that energy to further explore how we react to loneliness and how we evaluate control especially in relationships with our selves. With Chiron in Pisces we are polishing our aches and leaning into the vulnerability while being challenged by Mars and Uranus in Aries.

Episode Notes

Welcome to Be the Evidence! We are so grateful you are here! In this episode; we discuss being in the tricky energy of harnessing possibility while also deeply aching. We talk about moving towards the Galactic Center and the moon moving across Jupiter into Sagitarrius and the desire that things start to happen and being met with the knowledge that they will happen in their own time. We talk about how to meet it all with deep compassion and understanding as we move through the discomforts to make room for the new.

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